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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
So, What Do You Think?
Was she calling to invite me to lunch?

Maybe she wants me on the ticket?

Maybe she wants to be my new bff?


You don't think it was her calling?

You mean they'd put her name on the caller ID just to fool me?

I wonder why they'd call me?

Oh yeah, I live in Indiana.



Anonymous Sandra said...

Wait a minute, she called me too!!! Maybe she wants advice on starting a blog or maybe she is interested in China adoption???

Blogger Magi said...

There you go. I didn't think of those possibilities. I bet you're right.

Hey...at least you guys are a few months away from the torture of living in New Hampshire, where we received about 15 calls a day from November through the primary in January!!! I was glad to see them all leave...and now they can spread their "good political intentions" with a few other states for a change!!!


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