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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
I'm a Big Girl Now!
We hit another milestone. Sera took a big girl bath for the first time tonight. She had long outgrown her big rubber ducky tub, but she loved it. It was time for her to go in the tub without it. She was a little unsure at first, but daddy assured her it was okay, and she trusted him. Soon she was playing with her new tub toys. We had some Dora letters that stick to the side of the tub when they're wet. I never got them out before because there wasn't enough room in the duck for many toys. She was soon playing and comfortable in her new bath.

I finally got a picture of Sera wearing one of her socks as a glove. Every time I'd try, she'd pull off the sock and reach for the camera. This time she didn't see me coming. Ha! I outsmarted an 18-month-old.

Sera and daddy have a daddy/daughter day planned for tomorrow. Sera has her 18-month checkup, and I'm in the middle of finals week, so daddy took the day off to take her. Her appointment is in the morning. He was still trying to decide what fun thing they could do afterwards.

And, finally, a big, happy 1st birthday to my adorable niece, Josie.

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Blogger Beverly said...

You are my new hero, outsmarting that 18 month old. LOL.

Blogger LaLa said...

too cute...glad she liked her bath! Tell daddy good luck tomorrow..shots are no fun!

Blogger i-Con said...

Cuteness all around!

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