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Monday, November 12, 2007
Calling All Muthas
This was the last shot taken on the day we went to the Gardens. You can see how flushed her cheeks are and her hair is all sweaty. She feels the heat just like her mama and daddy.

I do have a question for all you experienced moms. What are the signs that your child is ready for potty training? Now let me begin by saying that I am NOT ready for potty training. I don't even want to think about beginning until Sera and I are both home for the summer. I'm in no rush.

Sera has become more aware of her poopy diapers. It's always been quite obvious when she was going. The grunting, the red face; it was quite the production. For months now I've asked her if she was poopy when I knew she was. She always says yeah, but I knew she didn't really get it. On a few occasions, she fooled me and didn't actually have a poopy diaper. She still answered yeah.

When Sera wakes up, she likes to play a little game. She'll pretend that she doesn't want to get out of bed. She'll stand up in the corner and wait for you to reach for her. She then runs back to the other side or to the other end. She'll do this a few times until you "catch" her. She goes limp as a noodle and giggles hysterically. Sometimes this running means she falls. She played this game, poopy or not. It made for some messy clean ups.

This weekend was different. When she woke with a poopy diaper, she asked for a bah-poo (diaper) immediately. When she asks for something and you understand, she giggles. Each time I said, "Do you want a clean diaper? Are you poopy?" She giggled and said yeah, and she was right.

That wasn't enough to make me wonder.

What happened today made me wonder. This afternoon, Jim and I were chatting and catching up on our day. Sera was busy playing with her toys and her doll. She went up to Jim and asked for a bah-poo. He asked her if she wanted a diaper, and she went to the bag where I keep them stored downstairs. He got her one thinking she wanted to change her doll. No, I don't let her play with diapers, but he wanted to see what she would do with it. She immediately brought it to me and stood there. I asked her if I needed to change her diaper. She smiled and laughed. Neither of us had seen her poop, and more shockingly, we hadn't smelled it. I checked and sure enough, she was poopy.

Now maybe this is normal. I'm just surprised that she's this aware at 18-months. Is this when they start noticing and being uncomfortable? I know I certainly would be if I were walking around with a poopy diaper. Does this mean it's time to buy a potty chair and getting her acquainted with the idea? I still don't plan on doing an all out potty training until next summer at the earliest.



Blogger LaLa said...

Annslee was opposite from most kids and poop trained first. She did it at 20 months and it was nice to be done with poopy diapers. She just started grabbing her booty and we ran for it. The Pee Pee training took a lot longer. Just watch her...when she is telling you "before" it happens then run for it! : )

Blogger kel said...

I'm not a mom yet, so haven't done this yet. But... I have heard that there is a window of time at 18 months where you can potty train your kid. If you miss it, you really have to wait until they are 2 or 3 when they are ready again, but they you are dealing with the independent spirit that also pops up at that age. I've read that if you can catch that 18 month window, it's way easier.

Blogger Tammie said...

Everyone told me that I should have started potty training at 12 months. I am so glad that I listened to my own instincts since Erin had only come home at 10 months & needed diaper changing time to help her with bonding & such. My friend who was watching Erin when I went back to work thought I was nuts but followed through with my request. At 18 months I decided it was okay to introduce Erin to the concept of potty training.

When she started preschool at 20 months, Erin was still in diapers (just till I ran out of the existing supply) but quickly went to pullups. She FINALLY pee pee potty trained at 3! Poopy potty training happened 6 months later.

If Sera is starting to do what you've mentioned, it may be time to start the process - let her go to the potty with you, wave goodbye to the "mess", etc. You guys will need to decide if you're going to use a potty chair or if you're just going to use a seat that goes on the actual toilet & provide a step stool for balance. I do believe IMVHO that potty training should be limited to the bathroom. I know many people who use the potty chair & move it from room to room. If we're going to teach about the potty, it needs to be done in a consistent manner - again MHO.

Best of luck!

Oh! BTW, you may want to wait till summer, but Sera may be ready sooner. How about starting over the winter break?

Blogger Beverly said...

Yes but that doesn't mean she is ready. She has to control it. Sometimes the poopy is the last frontier so to speak in potty training. Are her diapers staying dry for longer and longer periods of time? If you aren't ready then don't start. Let her go to pullups first. Otherwise you will be taking an under 2 year old to every EVERY public restroom when you are out. DO you KNOW what that means? They touch everything, EVERYTHING, even when you try to keep them from it. YUCK!!!

Personally I think she is too young to control it although she may know she did it. I think around this age they become more sensitive to someone seeing them do it and so they go "hide". A girl needs her some privacy.

Good luck. Beverly

Blogger Jessdine said...

I just talked to Charity. Liliana is the same age and started doing the same thing They bought a potty and she is using it. It soundsl iek she is ready. I don't know alot about the process but other mothers who work year around start it while they are working so even though it might be easier to wait it seems like she is telling you she is ready.

Buy a potty, try it out and if looks like it's happening then great...if not then wait.

As you know I have NO experince in this realm yet so...

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