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Monday, August 13, 2007
It Had To Happen, Sooner or Later
Yep, I went back to work today. My first day back since March 26th. Shadow's expression here pretty much mirrors mine all day. It was a tough day for both of us....Shadow and me, that is. Sera had a wonderful day.

She spent the day with one of our neighbors and her daughter, who is also from China. They are waiting for their 2nd child, so it was a good practice on being a big sister day for P. Normally when we go to a new place, Sera won't let me put her down for a good half-hour. This morning, she took one look at all the cool toys P put out for her, and she was off and running. She couldn't get down fast enough. P put away all her big girl toys and brought out her old baby toys for Sera to play with. Wasn't that sweet? Sera barely noticed Jim and me leaving.

I called twice and both times she was having a blast. She knows G and P well because they're part of our weekly playgroup. I think that really paid off in how well she did today. She'll be going there again tomorrow and will start daycare on Wednesday.

I, on the other hand, didn't do as well. As soon as I got in the car, I teared up. I fought tears the rest of the way to school. Good thing Jim was driving! I felt all mopey and depressed all day. This was the longest Sera and I have been parted, and only the second time she was left with someone other than Jim.

I know it's for the best. I really think Sera is going to love daycare. She loves being around other children, and we really need my paycheck. It was hard getting my mind back in gear today, but it did feel a little good to get back into things a bit, too.

Sera was beside herself with excitement when we walked up to the door to get her. I reached for her, and she reached right past me for Jim. After a few minutes, she let me hold her for just a minute before reaching for Jim again. At home, she was distant for about 20 minutes and then she was all over me. Jim says it's because she's used to him leaving for hours and coming back. I've never done it so she was not happy with me. I don't know if that's the reason, but I do know that we ended the day with a nice long cuddle in the nursery rocker.

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Anonymous Sandra said...

The first time is the hardest! I feel your pain, I really do. This will be a great learning eperience for Sera: she will learn that you will always come back, no matter what. Plus, she will become a little social butterfly ;-)

Blogger Jacquie said...

First of all...... you're back to school already????

Second..... I go back in two weeks and Lily will start daycare. I'm dreading it already. I haven't left her at all yet. Ever. Other than with Bobby. So we're doing some trial runs with grandma this week and then half days at daycare next week. Ok, you didn't need to know all that. Just wanted to let you know I totally feel your pain!

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