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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Review - Coppertone Kids and Coppertone Sport

I've been meaning to write this review for a long time, even more so after heading south.

Earlier this summer, I received samples of these two products. I brought them to playgroups, but to be perfectly honest, we didn't use them much there. The park that we go to has lots of trees, plus we were never in direct sunlight. We used them, but they weren't really tested. You know what I mean?

Well, summer is wrapping up, and it's pretty much too late for anyone to switch to a new sunscreen. If you haven't found one you like, however, I strongly recommend these products.

Being a resident of Florida during my peak tanning years, I had developed a disdain for Coppertone. In our sunscreen snobbishness, we believed that standard sunscreens wouldn't work in a "tropical" sun. Of course, I'm sure our baby oil with iodine didn't provide too much protection either. Out of habit, I hadn't tried Coppertone in years.

The Kids sunscreen sprays out a lotion that you then rub in. Sera loved it. She thought being sprayed was the best game ever, and she always loves having lotion rubbed in. Being the whitest person in America, I used the Kids spray on myself. That 50 spf sounded good to me. Sera and I were both out at the pool during the hottest time of the day for about an hour and a half or more. She turned just a little more golden, and I only burned on my right shoulder. That I blame on bad aim on my part. I'm right-handed, so it was hard to spray the right side of my back.

It was easy to use and did a great job. Thumbs up for Coppertone!

I have two more reviews coming up soon.



Blogger Jeter's Mama said...

We use both.
My only complaint about the Coppertone Sports spray, is that it leaves a white powdery film on my children. If you look at my blog, the photos I have of the boys sitting around the fire pit from last weekend...they have white marks on their chest....that's the coppertone sunblock!

Blogger Magi said...

That's good to know. I've only really tried the Kids one because of the higher spf.

Blogger Gail said...

Thanks for the info.
Right now we are using Banana Boat Kids with 30 spf.
Being a New Englander I really don't have the "know" when it comes to sunscreens. :)
However I too used the baby oil and iodine in my "youngin" years!!

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