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Sunday, August 05, 2007
Mommy, Come Get Me!
In all the excitement of coming home from our vacation, I forgot to pass on this little story.

When we arrived home, even though it was very late, Sera was wide awake and wound up. She was also very excited to be home with Daddy. We let her play in the living room for a little bit as we brought in the perishables (an entire cooler filled with gorgeous Gulf Coast seafood) and packaged them for the freezer. We didn't even unload the rest of the car until the next day.

As foolish new parents, we didn't bother putting the baby gates up. They'd been down while Sera and I were gone because Jim could be trusted to go into any room on his own. We were in the kitchen, and Sera was walking back and forth between the living room and the kitchen. Until she wasn't that is. I heard her call for me from near the front door. I looked down the hall, but didn't see her. I hurried down there and found her halfway up the stairs to the second floor. She was just sitting there as calm as can be with her thumb in her mouth and Mei Mei tucked under her chin.

Sera had never once attempted to climb the stairs before. I had even taken her to them once to teach her how to go up and down. I'd rather she know the right way rather than figure it out on her own. That's what I did with the couch. I taught her right away how to get off the couch. She's fallen off once or twice, but she learned quickly to get on her belly and scoot down. When I took her to the stairs, she wanted nothing to do with them. What in the world made her climb multiple stairs this night?

Then I remembered...

Sitting on the steps of the dock at the bay house. There were only three steps, but Sera spent a long time climbing up and down those three steps as Bret and I sat on each side of her. I guess that gave her the confidence to get started at home, but not to finish. Don't worry. Those stairs are now safely gated.



Blogger Gail said...

Cute story.
And a very smart little girl to know to call you for help.

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