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Thursday, June 21, 2007
But Does Yours Play Music?

We did learn something new about Sera during her evaluation yesterday. Apparently she thinks her butt plays music.

On one of our visits to Borders, I picked up a book for her in the bargain book section. She had never seen The Wiggles at that point, but she loves music. I knew she'd enjoy the book. She loves that book. It usually stays in her Pack N Play. She initially pushed the buttons to play it, then she started using her feet. She'll stand on it. Her favorite method by far, though, is to sit on it. Whether it's in the Pack N Play or on the living room floor, she'll plop her little butt on it and rock to the music. When the song ends, she wiggles around until a new one starts. I thought this was adorable, but didn't really give it any more thought.

One of the toys that the therapist brought yesterday was a small toy piano with a xylophone on top. The therapist played it a little to show Sera how it worked. Sera dropped one of the balls she was holding on top of it and the xylophone played. We all laughed when about 30 minutes later she returned to the piano and sat on it. The therapists just thought she was looking for an appropriate sized chair. Jim and I knew right away what was happening though. I pulled her Wiggles book out of the Pack N Play and put it on the floor. Sera headed straight for it, sat down, and started singing along with the music...wiggling all the while. Her butt plays music. Doesn't yours?




Blogger Tammie said...

Too funny!

Erin's first complete sentence was: "Iyikumwiggamama." At 18 months mind you! It took 3 weeks to figure out that she was saying "I like the Wiggles mama."

Be careful though. The Wiggles tend to invade your home. It's hard to get rid of them too! Although she doesn't care to watch The Wiggles anymore, she won't let me get rid of her paraphanelia.

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