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Thursday, June 14, 2007
The Differences Between Mommy and Daddy

Mommy - biter biscuit, 1/2 of a banana, sippy cup filled with 1/2 100% apple or pear juice and 1/2 water

Daddy - Fritos with dip made from Ro-tel Tomatoes and cream cheese, full strength limeade

Results - Sera is just as happy with either, though she did get one extra spicy bite of Ro-tel. She stuck her tongue out and yelled before biting into the next Frito and dip. She's a spicy girl.



Blogger Jim McClain said...

We won't even mention the hot wings and cheese fries I shared with her at lunch yesterday!

Anonymous Sandra said...

LOL, that's funny! Expose them to ALL kinds of food, is what I say!

Blogger Beverly said...

That is hillarious. Just the difference in dads and moms.


Blogger LaLa said...

Daddy's are so fun! I agree with Sandra..let her try everything. I think we all tend to bland out a diet for the little ones..my family can't believe how much Annslee loves tabasco ! Gotta love our spicy girls.

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