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Sunday, April 08, 2007
Where To Begin?
Here are the pictures from the hot pot restaurant. The restaurant was actually out of shrimp so they sent someone to the market to buy them for our dinner.

The next morning was the bus tour to the rivers and museum trip I already mentioned. If you want, I can add some pictures of the rivers and museum, but this one was my favorite from the day.

Our last full day in Chongqing didn't have any tours planned. We had a morning meeting to complete the consulate paperwork and then we had to be in our room that afternoon to receive Sera's passport. Inbetween, we went for a walk in the park in front of the hotel. It is literaly steps away. You don't even cross the street.

At the top of these stairs is the market. We didn't think we could bring in the stroller, so I sat outside while Jim went in. We wanted to load up on formula before leaving Chongqing. Within seconds of sitting down, I was swarmed by about 50 people. We had about three waves go through before Jim returned.
Here's Sera in the seconds before we were swarmed.
We had gotten away from the crowd and were almost back at the hotel when I saw these women walking really fast. They were trying to catch up to Jim to sneak a peek.
Here I am standing in front of the hotel. This is the Civil Affairs office where we received Sera.

The office is on the 14th floor, about two levels above the square.

Here's our attempt at a sofa picture of the Chongqing group. Sera is on the right end.

Here she's decided she's had enough.

And the group photo of the Chongqing crowd.

And at our group dinner afterwards.

The next morning, yesterday, we left for Guangzhou. More details to follow

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Blogger C.J. said...

Great photos...but wait a minute, do those shrimp have eyes???

Blogger Colleen said...

OMG - Shrimp, candles, beer...and best of all - CUTE BABIES!! Fantastic...loving these pics :)

Anonymous Jessica said...


The Cooks

Blogger Kristi said...

Great pictures!! What adorable babies. Hope you enjoy the White Swan.

Blogger Marcia said...

are all the people in your group FTIA???

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