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Sunday, July 16, 2006
Happy Birthday To Me
Last Friday was my birthday, and it was fantastic. My three sisters flew in on Thursday. We spent all day Friday and Saturday morning in the nursery. Each took one wall and designed a mural. One sister used her daughter's artwork as the inspiration. Another worked with her husband to create a fun picnic scene. The third created a beautiful floral display. It's amazing how all three walls coordinated so well. I knew this could be dangerous, but it could also be fabulous. I'm lucky. It's fabulous. We did not specify gender in our dossier, so there is a small chance we will be referred a boy. This room ended up all girl. If it's a boy, we'll be doing some quick redesign. In the meantime, I'll share photos of the work in progress. We'll be adding furniture, hopefully, this week.


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