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Thursday, July 13, 2006
Nine Months Today
Wow! Nine months down. Shouldn't those labor pains be starting by now? Oh wait, we've had them for months. Rumors are all over the place again. We're hearing everything from the CCAA is going to go back to a full month's worth of referrals to it taking 3-4 months to complete a month's worth. I'm just biding my time. My sisters will all be in this afternoon, and I'm focusing on that and how much fun we'll have working on the nursery. Pictures to follow.


Blogger Eileen said...

Happy 9 months! (and one day now) Love your new look. I'm behind on reading my blogs so I just saw the change. I LOVE coffee. :-)

Blogger Magi said...

Thanks, Eileen. Have to find something to occupy my time these days. :o) It's good to see you around.

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