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Monday, July 10, 2006
Lots of Turmoil Out There
Wow, the adoption world just keeps reeling.

First, the good news. Rumors are holding steady that the next batch of referrals will include a good portion, if not all, of July. I'm still holding out for an October referral.

During the last two weeks or so, I've read some blogs that became controversial. So controversial, that the owners had to remove or password protect them to keep the trolls away.

The first one was an adoption dissolution. A couple travelled to China in February to adopt their first child. They apparently went through a difficult time period, including post-adoption depression. The bottom line was they determined that they were not ready to parent a child. They relinquished the child to a family that already had one daughter from China.

The second was a family who is in China right now. They disrupted their adoption due to their belief the child was seriously ill with possible neurological complications. The child was extremely small and delayed. According to the parents' blog, they had tests run and the child was not diagnosed with any long-lasting issues. I do not want to judge, however, as I am not there and do not know what actually happened. They did received another child. This has started quite a debate in the community. It's awful for the child who is being left behind, but I think it's been quite an eye-opening experience for many in the adoption community who have been seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. As scary as it is, I'd rather know these stories. This helps me realistically prepare.

The third piece of news I haven't even fully digested yet. A member of my DTC group, who was logged in during November, has had their dossier rejected by the CCAA. It's amazing how connected we feel to people whom we only know in a Yahoo message group. My heart is breaking for her and her family. They were over eight months into their wait when they learned this news. I've been on pins and needles for months with the fear of this occurring to us. It's so awful to see it happen to someone in your group. They say that when one door closes, another opens. I sincerely hope the next one flies open for this family. They deserve it.


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