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Saturday, July 18, 2009
Yay, It's a Harade!

This morning I turned on the TV to find out the weather forecast for the day. The Saturday morning news show was pre-empted because they were broadcasting a parade. It's Enshrinement Weekend for the College Football Hall of Fame, and there was a big parade going on downtown. All sorts of football bigwigs, floats, balloons, bands, etc... Sera got very excited and wanted to go see it. I had to tell her that by the time we got there the parade would be over.

She's been a big fan of parades or harades as she calls them since seeing the one in Mesick for the Mushroom Festival. When we came downstairs, she decided that if she couldn't go to the parade, she'd make her own.

Sera is developing a very rich and colorful fantasy world, and I love every imaginative minute she's having.



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