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Saturday, July 11, 2009
Very Happy

Sera waited 11/2 hours for this cotton candy. She spent that whole time asking for the vendor. Finally Jim just went to get it and, of course, the vendor showed up.
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Blogger Tammie said...

I cna't believe that Jim made his sweet girl wait so long for cotton candy! That stuff is da bomb!

Blogger Magi said...

If we'd known it was going to take so long, we never would have. The vendor came by before the game started. We just kept expecting them back anytime. The ice cream vendor came around at least six times. The Cracker Jack/popcorn person came around double that. The beer, Pepsi, and hot dog vendor were literall non-stop. But the cotton candy vendor went MIA. I asked four vendors to send the cotton candy person back down to us. I even asked the guy who was taking orders from a menu, but he said he couldn't get cotton candy. That's when Jim gave up and went to get it. Before he could return, she came down our aisle. The man selling it followed her by about 10 minutes and then we never saw them again. I guess they don't have too many selling this item and their areas are much larger, or they just kept taking really long breaks.

Blogger Theresa said...

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Blogger Theresa said...

Now if that isn't the cutest thing ever. Hahaha.

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