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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Open Letter to our Friends
I don’t know how else to reach out to you. I know you read here, so I’m hoping this will be okay. Let me begin by saying we love you both, we love your children, we’ve missed you. It had been a very long time since we’d seen you. The last time we did, it wasn’t the same. He was so angry. We gave you time and space hoping that it was an isolated time as neither of you acted that day like the people we’ve known for so long. We thought there must be something going on. We hoped and were sure you knew we were right here if you needed us.

Recent events had you reach out to us again, and I was very happy. We’ve missed you. Sera has missed you. It was horrifying to see that the anger is still there, and it’s worse. He is so angry. The rest of you seemed afraid. You should be. He frightened me. I don’t know why he’s become such an angry person, but he needs help. His anger is escalating. I don’t know how far it’s gone. I hope no further than what we saw, but I know that if he was willing to be that angry in front of us that it must be worse. We cannot witness that. We cannot let Sera be exposed to that. Jim’s history would not allow him to stand by. The law would not allow us to stand by. We are mandated reporters. What we witnessed yesterday was so close to crossing that line that I fear for you.

We know he is not a bad person. This is not the man we’ve all known. I’ve known him the least of all and that has been for over 10 years. Someone doesn’t change this much without a reason. It could be medical. It could be something that happened. It’s not our business what caused this. I am just so afraid that if he doesn’t get help, then something horrible is going to happen. Something that can’t be undone. A person can’t live with that much anger without it hurting themselves or others. We don’t want to see anyone hurt.

We know that you two have always argued. You’ve always had a loud, vocal relationship. This isn’t the same. In fact, you never argued once in front of us our last two visits. I missed that. Those arguments were never mean-spirited. They were the way you two communicated, and the love was always obvious. Now I see fear and supplication.

There is support all around you. Your family, his family, your church, your doctors, us. How can we help you? Please get help before it’s too late.

We miss you.



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