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Thursday, July 30, 2009
The Power of the Big Girl Bed
Sera and I got home last night from visiting my sister, Marcia, and her family in Atlanta. We had a wonderful time. One of the things that Sera most enjoyed was playing and napping in her Cousin Ava's big girl bed.

While we were out of town, Jim took down Sera's crib and put up her bed. We were well overdue. Sera has slept in beds anytime we've gone out of town, but it was just so easy keeping her in the crib at home. She still easily fit in it, plus it kept her contained. I didn't want her wandering around the house while we slept and tumbling down the stairs or something worse. We've talked about her getting a big girl bed for months and finally decided to wait until summer. The summer was getting away from us because I didn't want to change her room and then go out of town.

Last night before she went to bed, I told Sera that if she woke up needing to go to the bathroom, she could now get up on her own and go. She tested this. Within five minutes of Jim leaving her room, she was calling me to say she had to go potty. Of course, she didn't actually have to go. That meant we had a little chat about staying in bed and getting up only when she really needed to potty. I tucked her back in, and she slept soundly until she came into our room at 7:30 am to let us know it was wake-up time. She was beaming with pride.

After a lazy morning at home, we decided that Sera and I needed a fix from our favorite Chinese restaurant. A quick stop at Wal-Mart to buy some new curtains for her room because paranoid mommy wants the blinds down now, and then home for naptime.

Normally, she chooses one of us to take her up (usually Jim) and gives the other hugs and kisses. Today when I told her to pick who was taking her upstairs, she first chose Jim. Then she changed her mind and said that she didn't need anyone to take her up. She's a big girl. We agreed. She gave us both hugs and kisses and headed upstairs.

And we sat.

And we waited.

And we looked at each other.

Any minute we knew that we'd hear her run around or call one of us or get into something.

And we waited.

Nothing but silence.

Jim went upstairs to see what she was doing. Guess what he found?

Sera was all tucked in under her blankets and sound asleep.

That was way too easy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I love it, Magi!

Blogger PIPO said...


Will Sera be available to give lessons to Claire when the time comes? ;0)

Blogger Wendi said...


Blogger Alyson & Ford said...

Wonderful! We sill us a monitor so we can check in on AA.... I like the security of seeing her nap, safely in her big bed.

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Ten Months!

Blogger Kiy said...

I too think I should ship Emi off to Sera for big girl training. We are thinking (maybe) next summer. I wonder how much FedEx is from our house to yours (kidding! mostly). :)

I love this story and I know it's one Sera will want you to tell her over and over. I am sure it won't last, but gosh, bet it was wonderful!

Cheers, Kiy

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