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Sunday, March 09, 2008
Three Word Sunday
I was trying to think of three words to describe my week. It could have been a picture of me prostrate on the ground with relief at avoiding that huge snow storm. Can you say we're done?

Or it could have been me giddy with my great idea for a field trip for my entrepreneurship class that actually had them excited, too. And then it could have been the sad look on all our faces when we realized that we couldn't go because it was the same weekend as prom. Who cares about prom anyway?

It could have been of Jim glued to his XM radio and over the moon because the Tigers are broadcasting their spring training games.

It could have been a picture of a giant molar to represent Sera's 2 year molars coming through.

But it wasn't.

For the last week, Sera has been singing, "rock baby, rock baby" over and over while cradling her dolls. Every now and then you can even catch a hint of the tune. She's also coming to us and asking us to "rock baby." She climbs into her arms and swings her legs up so that she's cradled. Then we rock and sing to her. It is so bittersweet. I love cradling her and that she will still accept me singing. I can be rather inventive when it comes to tunes. But it also makes me sad because I remember the 11 1/2 months she should have been rocked. I also remember how she wouldn't let me hold her like this before. From the moment we met, she preferred to be held upright with her head on my shoulder. If I cradled her, she'd fuss or climb back upright. This week, she's not only allowing us, she's asking us, and I'm so very happy she can tell us what she wants and needs.


Blogger Pug Mama said...

soooooo sweet! Love it!!!

Blogger PIPO said...

What a cute, snuggly 3 words!

Blogger Tammie said...

How sweet!

Blogger Meredith Teagarden said...


I think of the same thing with Jane. Bittersweet is just the way to phrase it.

Magi, I posted on this topic today. (Tuesday) Megan is now allowing me to craddle her. Oh how it makes my heart swell!! How funny that both of our girl started to do this about the same time.

Blogger Gerbil said...

Ok, I just melted into a large puddle. :)

Blogger Kristi said...

That is so sweet and warmed my heart.

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