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Sunday, March 02, 2008
3 Word Sunday
For the second weekend in a row, we spent Saturday with our friends, the Fisher family. Sera had a wonderful time playing all afternoon. It was a children's book party. I've been to Tupperware, Pampered Chef,etc..., but never books before. Jim and I both love to read, so we're always an easy mark for books. There were some really good books, including one math one that Jim bought. He thought every parent should get it. It covered everything from adding and subtracting to trig.



Blogger Pug Mama said...

Reading is wonderful - love this one!!!

Blogger PIPO said...

Nice shot! Love seeing them reading together :0)

Blogger Tammie said...

Absolutely! I can't imagine my life without a ton of books by my bedside. I totally devour books & can never get enough.

Erin is starting to read now & has a blast with her own library.

BTW, Sera looks wonderful!

Blogger Marcia said...

It is funny that everyone thinks that reading is so good...not sure if they know to what extent that you (and your sisters) are addicted!

BTW, you are getting all fancy with your pix. I need you to come over and give me a tutorial!

Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

Sera is such a beautiful little girl and I just love this picture!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this picture.... I made it my screen saver :) Laura

Blogger Colleen said...

Dear god is she cute!! Look at all her hair!

Blogger Kristi said...

A children's book party is a great idea! What a great picture. She's adorable!

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