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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Bad Mommy
We've been trying to teach Sera that she can't throw things in the car and expect us to be able to get them. Her snack trap, sippy cup, or whatever toy she's currently holding will often go flying if she's frustrated or decides she wants something else. Within minutes she wants what she threw back. It wasn't so bad in the PT Cruiser. We could usually reach what she needed. We'd warn her if she threw it again, it was going to stay where it landed. In the new car, I truly can't reach if she throws or drops something, especially if it's just the two of us in the car.

This morning, within minutes of leaving home, she started crying for her milk. I told her she had it. She kept crying. I asked her if she dropped it, and she said okay. I then reminded her that I couldn't get things she dropped, so she was going to have to hold on to things better.

We arrive at school, and I grab my bags. I felt an unusual object it it so I looked inside. There sat her milk. I never gave it to her.

Bad Mommy.


Blogger Meredith Teagarden said...

Oh shoot! I just HATE it when that kind of stuff happens to Jane, from me. And like you I say, "Bad Mommy." But it isn't really so. We should say we are not good mind readers because we have to opick SO much up from our little ones through limited words and hand motions...

Hope you guys have a fantastic Easter together. Enjoy :).

Blogger Gerbil said...

Oops. Ask me how many times I've done something like that. I'm considering joining Mommies Anonymous.

Blogger Tammie said...

Oops! Don't feel bad. I've forgotten to give Erin breakfast. My girl can now officially find any McD's on the way to school for her fave hash browns or newly enjoyed egg mcmuffin less the meat.

Blogger LaLa said...

Join the club...but it does make you feel bad. One day this week I dropped Annslee off at school and when I came back b/c I forgot to leave something the teacher said "oh, she is in the potty" and then it hit me...that was the first time she'd been ALL morning...bad mommy! Of course I didn't feel too bad b/c she can go by herself LOL

Blogger Pug Mama said...

oh man.
mistakes happen.

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