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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Last Week of School
Here it is the last week of school and the last week of daycare, so what how do I begin? For the first time, I forgot to bring Sera's pillow and blanket to daycare. They send it home every Friday to be laundered. I even made a point of making sure they were washed last night, but never gave them a second thought until we walked into the building this morning. Doh!

We had been planning to head down to the Atlanta area on Saturday to visit my sister, Marcia, and her family. We've postponed the trip, but hadn't told Sera yet that we were going to go. We don't tell her until the day of or the day before a trip as time is different in her world. It's either now or later with later meaning anything from after her nap to next year.

This morning in the car, I was asking Sera what she wanted to get her cousin, Ava, for her birthday. I was planning on bringing her gift with us, but now we have to mail it to her. She wants to send balloons and a tea party. That could be challenging. Then she told me the following:

After school day, we pack our suitcase and go see Ava, okay? That's a great idea, mommy. You pack Sera's suitcase. Daddy pack daddy's suitcase. And you pack your suitcase, and we go see Ava. Okay, mommy? That's a great idea, mommy. We go movie (drive-in). We go pool. We go camping. We go see Ava. Okay, mommy?

We'll be calling to pick a new day, Marcia. Sera wants to come visit.

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Blogger Tammie said...

So glad I popped in for a look-see! Sera is looking like such a big girl now. I love that she's picking out her own outfits. Cute!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is growing up!

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