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Saturday, August 08, 2009
Performance Anxiety
Apparently my oven has it.

A little history. We moved into our house exactly nine years ago this month. Brand new house, brand new appliances. Within the first year, we had an issue with the oven. It just stopped working. I called the company who makes our oven and arranged for a repairman. A simple swap of a part that was apparently causing issues with many customers' ovens and we were back in business. At least for a few months until it happened again. Replaced the same part, and no more trouble for years.

Until Thanksgiving 2008, when the oven stopped working as I was roasting our Thanksgiving turkey. Of course, my father and stepmother were visiting us for the first time at our home. The oven would just stop working. I would restart it, and it would start back up and work for a bit before stopping again. That turkey took forever to finally get done. We figured we'd wait until the holiday weekend was over before calling a repairman, but the oven worked just fine after that day. It didn't happen again.

Until this week. This time it was a chicken I was roasting and our guest is our niece, Theresa. The chicken went in the oven at 5 and should have been finished by 6:30. It was 9 by the time it was finally cooked. We'd already given up and eaten Li'l Ceasar's $5 pizza by the time it was finished. It made a fine dinner the next night though.

Now what do I do? Call the repairman to have him come out and the oven works just fine? Or wait until it is well and truly dead?

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