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Monday, April 20, 2009
I know I promised pictures, and I haven't delivered. We're still working on one little glitch with my laptop, and it's only to humor my paranoia. We haven't been able to get the external hard drive connected back to the network so that I can access it. After I did my last backup, I moved the majority of my photo files and all of my video files to the external hard drive. When we had my hard drive replaced and restored, they all came back to my laptop. I'm not willing to delete them again until I "see" them again on the external hard drive. I know that there is no reason why they wouldn't be there, but I'm not willing to hit that delete until I see it.

Why is this keeping me from posting anything new? It's because there are so many of those files that my hard drive is full. Maybe we should have bought a bigger one? I can't download pictures from my camera. I can't even edit the ones that were already downloaded because I can't save anything new.

We should get that resolved within a few days, and I promise to post many photos then.



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